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‌Cost of Living in Virginia (vs. Your State)

Virginia is a state of outdoor adventures, history, education, innovation, and opportunity. 

With local wines, farm-to-table meals, famous beaches, and world-renowned performing arts venues, life in Virginia provides for enthusiasts of all sorts.

Virginia is also known for its high-quality public and continuing education options and many historic parks, monuments, battlefields, towns, and cemeteries. Indeed, as the first surviving English colony in North America, Virginia’s history is the history of the nation. 

From the rolling hills to the west and the south to the more cosmopolitan cities just outside Washington, D.C., Virginia offers homes right where you desire them. Perfect for commuters into the nation’s capital, those who want a more modern urban lifestyle, those who want a more laid-back life in the country, and homeowners who want a bit of all of those rolled into one! 

Of course, the closer you live to Washington, D.C., the higher your cost of living will be. To learn why you should look for a home here, let us examine side-by-side comparisons and discover why living in Virginia is so wonderful!

(Details in the following comparisons use Forbes Advisor’s Cost of Living Calculator comparing Richmond, Virginia, with an equivalent city using a pre-tax household income of $70,000.)

Cost of Living in Virginia vs. California

Looking at San Francisco as a representative of California, we can see that the sunny state’s cost of living is 45% higher than Virginia. Home prices are 246% more and the gas you’ll need to get around is 32% more. Healthcare is also more expensive in California: about 27% higher. And your morning cup of coffee is going to cost you more there, too, averaging 31% higher.

Cost of Living in Virginia vs Texas

For Texas, we’ll use Dallas as our example. The cost of living there is only about 6% higher than Virginia, but new homes cost 11% more. Gas, as you’d expect is almost 7% cheaper, but healthcare is 10% more expensive. Coffee, however, is exactly the same in both states. 

Cost of Living in Virginia vs Florida

Miami is where we head next to see Florida pricing. Here, the cost of living is 20% higher and homes cost 71% more. Gas is almost 6% more expensive in Miami, yet healthcare is about 6% lower. And your cup of coffee will cost you a little over 7% more than in Virginia.

Cost of Living in Virginia vs Hawaii

In Honolulu, Hawaii, the cost of living is 47% higher than Virginia, and homes cost 259% more. Gas is almost 30% more expensive and healthcare is 16% higher. Your coffee will also cost you more in Hawaii: almost 40% more!

Cost of Living in Virginia vs Maryland

For Maryland, we’ll use Baltimore as a measuring stick. The cost of living here is 10% higher and home prices are 22% more. Gas is about 2.5% more expensive in Maryland, while healthcare is actually 9% lower. Coffee, however, will cost you over 10% more in Baltimore. 

Cost of Living in Virginia vs New York

Looking at New York City, your cost of living will be 57% higher than in Virginia, and homes will cost you 455% more! Gas is over 13% higher in The Big Apple, while healthcare is about 8% higher. Coffee is also higher here: almost 27% more than it costs in Virginia.

Cost of Living in Virginia vs North Carolina

North Carolina is just south of Virginia, and we’ll use Raleigh as a model. Here, the cost of living is the same, but homes cost about 12% more. Gas is a little over 5% more expensive, and healthcare is almost 4% more expensive. Coffee, however, is almost 27% less expensive than in Virginia.

Cost of Living in Virginia vs Alabama

On to Alabama, where we’ll check out Birmingham as a comparison. The cost of living here is 5% lower than Virginia, while homes cost 9% less. Gas is almost 3% cheaper, and healthcare is 4% less. Coffee is also lower: almost 8% less than a cup in Virginia.

Cost of Living in Virginia vs Arkansas

Finally, let’s look at Little Rock, Arkansas. Here, the cost of living is almost the same, being just 1% lower in Arkansas. New homes are about 4% less and so is gas. Healthcare is 21% lower than Virginia, and coffee is just a little over 10% less expensive.

Living in Virginia: Final Thoughts

Living in Virginia means you’ll be able to easily commute to anywhere in the D.C. area without having to live directly in Washington, D.C. You’ll have parks and natural beauty in every direction, and history at every turn.

Fantastic higher education, arts, and cultural events will all be at your fingertips, so there will never be a dull moment. 

When you are ready to find your new home in Fairfax County, Loudoun County, other Northern Virginia locations, or the Shenandoah Valley, DRB Homes is here! Find your ideal location and home, schedule a tour, and enjoy living in Virginia.